Preserving the Past… Enabling the Future.

Large Document Solutions sells large format digital imaging equipment – including scanners, plotters and display solutions – to a variety of industries for digitization, historical preservation and art reproduction projects. Our mission is to help organizations digitize original texts, artwork and documents in order to conduct business more efficiently and make information readily and widely accessible across the world. 

Our Industries

We help many different industries convert their physical archives into digitally preserved formats.

Libraries & Universities

State & Local Archives

Museums & Historical Societies

Art Restoration & Reproduction

Why should libraries and universities digitize their archives and special collections?

What are the state and local guidelines when it comes to preserving official documents?

How can we help to preserve historical documents using digital imaging technology?

How can artists utilize wide format scanners to help preserve and reproduce their artwork?

Our Scanners

We are here to guide you through the process of discovering which scanner is best for your organization!

Flatbed Scanners

Large format flatbed scanners are a great solution for a wide variety of documents, including newspapers, magazines, photographs, maps and historical documents. Options range from 12″ x 17″ up to 48″ x 100″.

Book Scanners

Large format book scanners are perfect for digitizing bound materials. These scanners allow the operator to digitize sensitive, fragile and rare bound books without causing any damage to the originals during the process.