It matters, here’s why:

  1. Archiving to track the past and use this information to build the future
  2. Archiving to save space
  3. Preserve quality

Word of mouth is great when people remember the details. Archiving is a great way to preserve the past for our future learners. It is better not to re-create the wheel but learn from the past. Great documents like the US Constitution, the Old and New Testament provide insights to of the past and help to direct the future.

Archiving saves space. How many rooms especially in government agencies where old technical drawings, maps, and court documents are stored. These documents are in the document racks, on the floor, everywhere. What happens when a document is needed? Where can it be found? How long will it take? These are just 3 reasons that archiving these precious documents are important. By archiving they can be indexed and found extremely fast and with very little effort. Just think of the floor and storage space needed to archive these originals. Most physical storage locations are not in a basement. This is to protect against flooding. The archival floor is usually in a location of prime office space. By saving those documents digitally, all that space is repurposed.

Archiving preserves quality. Yellowing and deterioration is what paper tends to do when it gets old. When these documents are handled by humans, the introduction of oils, tearing, and general wear is introduced. Not good for those precious documents. To preserve quality, the physical room would need a constant low humidity room. This costs money.

By digitizing these documents, space, money, & quality is also preserved. Digital document preservation does matter. We learn from the past and if the past is unreadable, in bad condition, is stored somewhere where we can’t find it, then how are we to learn? Preservation does matter, we do not want to recreate the wheel over and over again.

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