Archivists are serious about saving history.  Why use an obsolete scanner for this important function.  Have you thought about replacing that obsolete scanner?  Here are a few reasons to upgrade:   For example, calls are coming in form from our wonderful customers who purchased a Colortrac Ci or Cx scanner 8-10 years ago and after years of uninterrupted use the scanners are starting to show their age.  Glass, CIS modules, gas springs, etc. are starting to wear out.  Not to mention the scanning software.  These scanners use are becoming obsolete.  Scanworks, Smartworks, EZ Touch, even the twain drivers are starting to not run under the Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 and the migration to Apple computers has caused these scanners to become dysfunctional.

Our customers making the decision not to upgrade a computer to Windows 10 to run these scanners.  Those machines becoming standalone systems.  This makes it very cumbersome to scan a document then move it to the local area network.  This is not just a Colortrac problem.  The problem is industry wide.  Contex’s legacy scanning software, is a fabulous product.  The current Nextimage version 5.4.0 is fully Windows 10 compatible packed with features galore.  Nextimage 3.1.5 is supported by Windows 7 and below.  Unfortunately, susceptible to today’s virus environment.  Plus, this version does not support some of newer Canon, HP, Epson, and other current printers.

Software is not the only squeeze coming from continued use of older equipment.  Parts for Colortrac Ci and Cx scanners are very scarce along with Graphtec and Contex.

Technical support is also winding down.  The experts on these scanners are focusing on the newer equipment.  As the old saying goes, “If you don’t use it, you lose it”.

The benefits of purchasing new equipment is bright.  The newer equipment is much cheaper than the cost of these older models when new.  The calibration routines to keep the equipment in perfect running order is very easy to use and take seconds instead of minutes to complete.  Don’t forget product warranty.  At Large Document Solutions, every new scanner comes with at least a 1 year factory warranty.  We also offer unlimited phone support for as long as you own the equipment.  The newer models also support some of the newer technology like scan to the cloud, saving directly to the LAN, and many more features including on the fly scanning adjustment.  Instead of scanning, checking, adjusting, then scanning again, changes can be made on that first scan.  This is a direct increase productivity compared to those older models.

It makes business sense to look into purchasing a new scanner.  For more information contact Large Document Solutions at (866) 338-4464 or via email at  We are a consulting equipment company selling scanners, printers, folding, and display equipment company with a focus on finding the best Large Document Solution!