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Your museum, library and archive can bring the experience of interacting with visual materials and publicans alive with the MagicBox, an extraordinary and revolutionary display product that blends the protection and intimacy of a traditional glass display solution with a state-of-the-art digital interactive experience!

The MagicBox, in conjunction with the MagicTouch content management software system, can turn your traditional public-facing display areas into a fully-interactive, spectacular showcase of digital media and interactive elements that will attractive visitors and guests seeking a more engaging and interactive viewing experience.

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The MagicBox by CCS Content Conversion Specialists GmbH is an extraordinary new display solution for museums, libraries and archives that both protects and liberates fragile visual material and publications in a fully interactive fashion. Before, presentations of materials and publications such as books, documents, manuscripts, and scrolls were limited to a look-only display spread behind glass; with the MagicBox, you can provide your visitors with a fully-interactive visual experience that can include digitized print, digital images, 3-D renderings and videos, while still offering the same level of protection as a standard display case.

MagicTouch Kiosk was developed in concert with MagicBox. MagicTouch Kiosk is similar to the Magic Box in that there is a display platform running the MagicTouch software.

Easy to use, exhibitions and digital signage configurations can be easily created and edited by in-house staff.

A perfect solution for museums, airports, schools, libraries, and other public places.

Key Features

  • Futuristic fusion of physical objects and digital content
  • Enriched and interactive visitor experience
  • Perfect for exhibitions, showrooms, and reception areas
  • Premium-Quality design with anti-reflective glass
  • Powerful stereo sound
  • Easy to create and edit presentations with MagicTouch


  • MagicBox– Your WOW factor in a Display Case
  • MagicBox Kiosk– Your WOW factor with Monitor


MagicTouch Software

MagicTouch is the software application that drives the hardware for MagicBox and MagicTouch Kiosk. MagicTouch is a comprehensive management software that lets the end-user easily create stunning multimedia presentations. Exhibitions and digital signage installations can be freely edited by in-house technical staff.

MagicTouch is scalable. Licences can be purchased in 1, 5, 20 even 50 seat licenses.

Key Features


  • Links to media content or special-subject sub-menus
  • Fully customizable design of touch points
  • Fully customizable background

Digital Publication

  • Interactive flip-through of digitized books
  • Unlimited number of publications
  • Media format: JPG, JP2, TIF, PNG, BMP

Photo Gallery

  • Slide-through image view with two-finger zoom
  • Unlimited number of photo galleries
  • Media format: JPG, JP2, TIF, PNG, BMP


  • Full-screen view with stereo sound
  • Unlimited number of video
  • Media format: ¬†AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4